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8 Pro Tips For Controlling Your Ejaculation

8 Pro Tips For Controlling Your Ejaculation

Sexual intercourse has great significance in the everyday lifestyle of humans, and it is an important phenomenon for both men and women. Satisfied sex consists of multiple actions, one of which is Controlling Your Ejaculation. 

Men who are sexually incapable or have a sort of sexual dysfunction cannot control their ejaculation timing, which makes the sex unsatisfying for both partners. These men don’t have any control over their Ejaculation, which is a problem.

However, there are some ways to control this ejaculation phenomenon during intercourse, and we will discuss those in this article. Make sure you read this article till the end to get the solution for your sexual difficulty.

Ejaculation during Intercourse

Sexual intercourse consists of different activities and actions like erection, Ejaculation, stamina, lasting longer, etc. Satisfied sex requires all these actions, and if any of these are not in the control of the man, the intercourse is going to be unsatisfying and will feel incomplete for both partners.

Ejaculation is when you release your semen, and if you are incapable of controlling your Ejaculation, your intercourse lasting time will be short, and the erection will also be affected. Hence, the man needs to control his Ejaculation.

How Long a Man Should Delay His Ejaculation?

There’s been much research and surveys on the sexual health and ability of a man. As per the ejaculation timing, according to a study, the average sexual intercourse session lasts anywhere between 3 to 13 minutes. This means the ejaculation timing is also between these periods.

If you want to know how long you should last or how much you should delay your Ejaculation for satisfactory sexual intercourse for yourself and your partner, the experts suggest 7 to 13 minutes as desirable. However, this is not a fixed figure, and you don’t need to be stressed if you are in this time frame.

What Causes Fast Ejaculation in Men

Fast Ejaculation can be because of different factors. The most common one is that the man is suffering from a sexual disorder called Premature Ejaculation. However, medications are available for this condition, like Sildalist Strong Tablet, which can cure the condition for you.

However, there are some other reasons which can cause this condition of fast Ejaculation in a man. We have shared them below.

  • Sexual performance anxiety affects your sexual performance and will decrease your ejaculation timing.
  • If you have difficulties with sexual intimacy, you will also be poor at controlling your Ejaculation as well.
  • Abnormal hormonal levels also make you lose your control over sexual capabilities.
  • Problematic relationships also affect the sex, and men usually don’t try to hold their Ejaculation at all.

Healthy Tips to Controlling Your Ejaculation Timing

Healthy Tips to Control the Ejaculation Timing

Most men who cannot control their Ejaculation think that they cannot treat this condition at all, which is untrue. We have medications like Cenforce 100mg Tablet, which can solve most of the sexual dysfunctions men have. But other than drugs, some healthy tips can help you control Ejaculation. Some of them are shared below.

1. Pause Squeeze Method

Many sex experts have recommended this method, and it seems to be an effective trick as well. In this method, you will stimulate your penis before intercourse by yourself, and as you are about to ejaculate, you will squeeze your penis head where it meets the shaft. Doing it multiple times will lower the need for Ejaculation.

2. Use Anti Stimulation Condoms

In the market, you can use anti-stimulation condoms, which are a bit thicker and don’t stimulate your penis easily during sex. This will increase the time of your climax, and you can slow down your ejaculation timing. Avoid stimulating sex as they are designed for self-pleasure, and they will fasten the Ejaculation.

3. Breathing Technique

Breathing technique is also recommended as very helpful during sex. This can increase your lasting time during intercourse and will help you control your ejaculation timing as well. In this technique, you will simply breathe deeply as you feel like ejaculating. This will stop the ejaculation reflex immediately.

4. Masturbate Before Sex

Masturbation is self-satisfying sexual intercourse in which a partner is not involved, and almost everyone is aware of it. So experts suggest that a man who cannot control his Ejaculation can masturbate an hour or so before sex, so the next sexual activity will be longer, and his ejaculation problem will be solved as well.

5. Get Sexual Counseling

Sexual counseling is often ignored as most men don’t want to share their sexual problems with others. But if you cannot control your ejaculation timing, we highly recommend you get sexual counseling. This can help you reduce your sexual anxiety, stress, and depression, which will improve your sexual performance. 

6. Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

Most of the sexual disorders and conditions are the result of poor lifestyle and diet choices. Men who smoke, drink alcohol, or eat unhealthily develop sexual conditions, including premature Ejaculation. So, a very healthy tip for Controlling your Ejaculation is following a healthy lifestyle strictly.

7. Use Benzocaine Wipes

Benzocaine wipes are a medical treatment for premature Ejaculation. These are wipes which a patient uses on the head of his penis. There is benzocaine in these wipes, which numbs the penis and reduces the sensitivity. So until the effect of wipes lasts, the Ejaculation will be delayed very effectively.

8. Get Premature Ejaculation Medications

Along with all the tricks mentioned below, medications should not be ignored. If none of the tricks are helping, you might be suffering from premature Ejaculation, for which medications are necessary. So you should Buy Sildenafil Tablets Online and use them before you indulge in intercourse.


Whether it is Ejaculation or erection, if you have no control over your genital and its actions, you will suffer sexually. Those men who cannot control their Ejaculation should work on the tips and treatments we have shared in this article.

For Controlling Your Ejaculation, medications are also great options. You can get all your prescribed sexual medications from Go ED Medicine at the best rates. We recommend this store for the best quality and services for the customers.


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