7 Impotence Causes That Might be Inhibiting Your Sexual Life

7 Impotence Causes That Might be Inhibiting Your Sexual Life

A perfectly healthy man is not just fit physically but also mentally and sexually. The focus on mental health has improved a lot in recent years, but sexual life still gets overlooked by most men and women. We don’t control the Impotence Causes that affect our sexual health and end up with some disorders like ED.

Knowing what causes the decrease in sexual health is important. In this article, you will find some of the most common causes of sexual disorders in men. We have explained all of them in detail and also shared the treatment options for improving the sexual life of a man.

What an Inhibited Sex Life Looks Like?

A person who has an inhibited sex life will have many defects in his sexual performance. He will develop different dysfunctions that will restrict him from performing well in bed. The most common disorder men face is Erectile Dysfunction. Other than ED, other disorders that appear in a person are listed below.

  • Shorter Erections
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • No Sexual Desire
  • Difficulty in getting an erection

All the problems mentioned above are the risks of an inhibited sexual life. So we have to diagnose the Impotence Causes of weak sexual performance and get the treatment accordingly.

Impotence Causes that Inhibit Your Sexual Life

7 Causes that Inhibit Your Sexual Life

There are thousands of reasons for a man to have poor sexual health. There can be physical, mental, psychological, neurological, or medical reasons that will inhibit your sex life. We cannot discuss all these causes, but we have shared the seven most common causes that usually get diagnosed as the reason for sexual dysfunction.

Psychological Causes

First, we will discuss the Impotence Causes of sexual impotence sex that gets ignored the most, which is poor psychological health. This will include stress, anxiety, depression, and any issues linked to the mind.

Sexual performance is a complete package of physical and mental activity, and both have to be healthy for satisfied sex. However, those who suffer from depression or anxiety will have problems during sex and cannot perform well in bed.

Neurological Causes

The brain has a major role in the erection time of the penis. Numerous neurological issues cause impotence by affecting the brain’s functioning. The brain becomes unable to communicate with the body parts, which results in an uncontrolled and lower erection timing.

Men who suffer from a neurological disorder will have a higher chance of getting sexual disorders like ED. The neurological disorders linked with impotence are listed below.

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Brain Tumor
  • Strokes
  • Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Cardiovascular Diseases

Good sex requires good blood circulation through the body. There are many researches, studies, and surveys that prove the point that men with cardiovascular diseases have unstable blood circulation and higher sex impotence risk.

These cardiovascular diseases include high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, etc. They all are Impotence Causes of poor sexual health in a man. So to treat it, Sildenafil Citrate based medicine is required to improve the blood circulation to the penis.

Medicine Side Effects

Medication can have an impact on the sexual performance of a man. Most people know that diabetes and blood pressure medicine have this effect, but there are some medicines that most of us are unaware of. One of them is hair loss medicine.

Hair loss treatment drugs and supplements cause the reduction of testosterone levels in the body, which results in impotence and ED. Other drugs which can affect the sexual performance of a man are listed below.

  • Alpha-adrenergic blockers
  • Beta-blockers
  • Synthetic hormones
  • Chemotherapy medications
  • CNS Depressants

Unhealthy Diet

One of the Impotence Causes which we can control as well is unhealthy diet consumption. Certain food items affect the blood flow in the body and ultimately affect the man’s sexual ability. 

Deep-fried items, fast food, and too much oil in daily diet will become a developing cause of cardiovascular disease. These foods cause vein blockage and don’t let enough blood supply to the penis.

Alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol has relaxing components in it. Methanol is the main ingredient of alcohol, and it slows down the blood circulation in the body. Men who consume alcohol every day will have sexual impotence gradually.

Just like alcohol, smoking also has slow but adverse effects on the impotence of men. There are definite effects on heart health and contribute to the diseases that cause ED in men, like heart diseases and diabetes.


This might seem a bit of an odd cause of ED and impotence, but it is proven to be true, and one of the Impotence Causes to inhibit sexual life. Cycling for too long will damage the nerves in the pelvic region.

Studies prove that cycling for more than 3 hours per week increases the risk of impotence and erectile dysfunction. This usually happens when the person is cycling on just one side of his pelvis.

Treatments for Improving Sexual Life

Now that we know the causes of impotence and ED in men, we should focus on its treatment. This disease is not the one to be ignored. Immediate treatments are important so you don’t make your condition worse and damage your sexual life permanently.

Below, we have discussed three of the most effective treatments for increasing sexual impotence.


The first and most effective treatment option we have is the medications. There are hundreds of different medicines available to improve the sexual performance of men and increase the erection timing. All the medicines are available on the Go ED Medicine.

We must remind all the readers not to take any medicine without consulting with a doctor. First, get yourself diagnosed by a doctor, and then he will prescribe you the best medicine and dose as per your condition and age.

Some of the medications that doctors usually prescribe to men for their impotence are listed below.

Lifestyle Changes

As we have shared, one of the Impotence Causes of poor sexual performance is poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle habits, so we have to work on these factors to treat these conditions. We must take healthy steps in our daily lifestyle and avoid all unhealthy habits.

The right-away changes would be to eat healthy and avoid drinking alcohol. But there are more tips that we can work on. We have shared them below. They are not difficult to follow but are extremely beneficial.

  • Maintain a healthy weight and BMI rate.
  • Add a short exercise session to your everyday routine.
  • Control your blood pressure and diabetic levels.
  • Eat vegetables and fruits to meet your body’s nutrition needs.

Natural Remedies

Another great treatment for increasing impotence and sexual performance is natural remedies, and most men don’t know them. Some very easy-to-make and extremely beneficial remedies will bring immense improvement to your sexual performance.

The remedy consists of adding healthy fruits and food items to your everyday diet plan. We have shared some of them below.

  • Pomegranate Juice
  • Nuts
  • Kiwis
  • Berries
  • Horny Goat Weed

Bottom Line

Before starting the treatment to improve sexual performance, the man has to know the Impotence Causes that develop this disorder. We have shared the most common ones in this article. You can ask for more details from your doctor.

We highly suggest consulting with a doctor before taking Cenforce Tablets or any other ED pills. But if he prescribes you one, make sure to purchase it from Go ED Medicine.


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