Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction – What Causes the Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction - What Causes the Dysfunction

Most men and women connect wellbeing with physical and mental health, and they ignore their sexual health. Many researches and studies prove that sexual life has a major impact on relationships, and disorders like Erectile Dysfunction can become a problem in a healthy relationship.

Among all the sexual disorders, one that men fear the most is ED. This has affected more than 52% of the male population in the USA, and the numbers are increasing daily. And many men are unaware of its causes and treatments.

Before starting the treatment for ED, we have to know its causes so the cure can work. In this article, we have shared valuable information about ED that every man must know. So, read this article completely and educate yourself about this disorder. 

Introduction to Erectile Dysfunction

ED is a widely common sexual disorder that men face after 40 most of the time. There are cases when this disorder occurs even in teenagers, but that is rare. However, if you have never heard about this condition, you should be familiar with it to be safe from it in future.

ED is a condition when a man is unable to hold his erection for a desired time during sexual intercourse. This will affect your sexual activity and make the intercourse unsatisfactory for both partners.

ED is caused by poor blood circulation and a high percentage of relaxing enzymes. Now, there can be different causes for these two factors which result in ED.

Future Risks of ED

Future Risks of ED

Treating ED is extremely and those who ignore this condition and don’t get on-time treatment make their sexual health worse. The risks of ED are very hazardous, and the later the treatment, the more difficult it becomes. Below, we have shared some potential risks of ED which will happen if you don’t treat it.

  • Permanent Damage to the Penis
  • No longer Erection without Supplements
  • Depression and Performance Anxiety
  • Behavioral Changes
  • Problematic Relationship 

Causes of ED in Men

Many men’s health experts believe that before getting treatment for Erectile Dysfunction, we should look into the reasons which cause this disorder in the first place. If we don’t eradicate the causes of ED from our daily lives, the treatments will not work as well.

So, we have shared some of the most common causes of ED in men. Some are inevitable and cannot be avoided or controlled; however, some are manageable.


Age plays an important role in the sexual life of a person. Men tend to have more dent in their sexual performance as they get older. A survey suggests that men over 40 have a 40% chance of developing ED, and this rate increases by 10% every decade.

There is nothing we can do to control aging. But we can take some healthy measures to keep this condition mild. Also, medications like Vidalista 40 mg work exceptionally well for older men.

Cardiac Disorders

As we have mentioned earlier, the erection during sex depends on the blood circulation in the body. And the blood flow will be affected depending on your cardiac health. Men with cardiac disorders like high blood pressure and diabetes have a higher chance of getting Erectile Dysfunction.

Men with ED should be considerate of their medications as well. They cannot take any pill affecting their blood pressure or blood sugar level. So make sure to ask your doctor about the right ED pill as per your medical condition.

Alcohol and Smoking

It has been proven that men who drink more than one drink of alcohol per day have a higher chance of getting ED than non-alcoholic men. Alcohol has a high concentration of methanol in it, which relaxes the body and lowers blood circulation, resulting in a shorter erection.

Along with alcohol, smoking has the same effects on the sexual health of men. It reduces the stamina in men and makes their sexual performance poor. Avoid both of these if you have ED.


Being obese means a high concentration of fat in the body and arterial blood, which causes improper blood flow. Obese men have 1.3 times more chance of getting ED than a normal man.

I want to avoid blocking the chances of getting ED in the later years of our lives. You should maintain a healthy body weight and control your BMI, or you will end up Buy Cenforce 100 to perform.

Psychological Causes

Along with all the physical causes, there are some psychological factors which affect our sexual performance. Especially stress, anxiety, depression and other form of psychological pressure can lower our erection timing get lower.

Performance stress, which is the fear of being unable to perform sexually, is the main psychological reason a man develops Erectile Dysfunction. So you should distress yourself and be confident while getting into intercourse.

Most Effective Treatment for ED

Luckily, we have many treatment options for ED. Medications are always the most effective and safe among all the choices. We can easily use ED medicines to increase our erection timing and improve our sexual performance in bed.

Some medicine options are listed below.

All these medicines belong to the PDE inhibitor drug class. They block the relaxing energy in the body and increase the blood circulation. That’s exactly what we need for a more prolonged erection. 

All the medicines we have mentioned are exceptional and the most popular because of their effectiveness and safe effectiveness. We can buy all the pills from Go ED Medicine at the best quality and prices. Make sure to get a doctor’s prescription before getting these pills.

Bottom Line

By controlling the cause of a disease, we cure 50% of the disease itself. The medicine works better, and the treatment gets faster by avoiding the primary cause of Erectile Dysfunction. Most of the time, the causes are the reason for this condition.

Now that you know what causes the dysfunction, you should consult your doctor and start your treatment. You can Buy Cenforce 200 mg Online from Go ED Medicine, and the medicine will be delivered to your doorstep.


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