Erectile Dysfunction

Treating Erectile Dysfunction: 5 Options Beyond ED Pills

Treating Erectile Dysfunction 5 Options Beyond ED Pills

Every balanced and sane relationship will be affected when things get difficult in bed. Sexual interaction plays a vital role in a healthy relationship, and sexual disorders like ED are the biggest threat to a healthy sex life. Treating Erectile Dysfunction is crucial if we want to live a healthy life.

In this, men are most afraid of one sexual disorder called Erectile Dysfunction. Right now, 52% of men in the USA are suffering from this condition. ED is an attack on the most critical aspect of satisfied sexual intercourse, which is the erection time. 

There are medications to cure ED, and this is what most men do. However, along with pills, there are some other treatments available for ED as well. We will discuss these treatments in this article.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction With the Pills

Treating Erectile Dysfunction With the Pills

Pills and medications are some of the initial treatments that every ED-affected man starts his treatment with. Medications like Viagra and Sildenafil 100mg have been on the market for treating ED for over three decades. However, with innovations, new care has been discovered for this disorder. 

Below, we have discussed the 5 most influential and immediately effective treatments for Erectile Dysfunction. These highly advanced treatments will take place only with proper medical observation.

Penis Implant

Penis implant is a surgical severe treatment for Erectile Dysfunction. In this surgery, silicons rods are planted in the side of the penis, which help the man hold his erection for a long time.

This treatment is the most complicated yet effective one. Even the patients who have not got any benefit from all other ED treatments were satisfied with the penis implants. It is also not recommended for every patient but only for the most severe cases. Other easy treatments should be tried before getting an implant.

Peptide Therapy

Peptides are a naturally occurring amino acid chain in the body. It is in charge of many important functions in the body, including erection. For treating Erectile Dysfunction, peptide therapy is an excellent option for men.

We can inject peptides into our bodies to improve our sexual ability. Right now, the Best peptides for ED are PT-141. It has great sexual benefits for men and women and increases the erection timing significantly.

Erection Devices

This term might feel weird to you, but in reality, there are erection devices available in the market for men. The two most popular ones are Vacuum Pump and Eddie by Giddy.

Vacuum pump is a more common one. This device helps men get erection faster by improving the blood circulation into the penis. This is a drug and surgery-free instant treatment for Erectile Dysfunction. However, it has a short-term effect, and the erection will not last too long.

The second device is Eddie,  which is relatively unknown to some men yet. Men wear this device during sexual intercourse. It is C shapes that sit right on the veins of the penis and enable blood flow for erection. This device is safe and also maintains erection longer.

Testosterone Therapy

The human body works on different hormones. Every body function has a specific type of hormone that controls actions. The sexual hormone is testosterone, the primary hormone in men. If its quantity gets lower, man will have Erectile Dysfunction. 

So, some experts suggest testosterone therapy for Treating Erectile Dysfunction. In this therapy, testosterone is injected into the body through injection or pills. This is a very safe treatment as well and has amazing sexual benefits. Not only does erection timing but it improves the overall sexual performance of men.

Natural treatment for ED

All the treatment options explained above are highly advanced, and not every patient is okay with these kinds of cures. So those who would like to cure their sexual dysfunction should go with the natural treatments.

There are too many safe and easy-to-do natural remedies and precautions that can save us from all the trouble, but there is no advanced cure. We have shared some important points regarding ED that you must know and work on.

  • First and foremost, work on your diet. Focus on eating only the best Foods for ED, like fruits and vegetables.
  • Loss your fat percentage and maintain a healthy BMI. Make sure you are not obese or overweight.
  • If you have any heart disease, work on your heart health. Control your blood pressure.
  • Do regular exercises every day to improve your natural stamina to perform well in bed.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol as it has a high concentration of methanol in it, which causes blood vein contraction.


Along with the treatments, precautions are also important for ED patients. No medicine or pill is going to help your sexual health if you are not cautious during the treatment. There are some safety measures that professionals suggest their patients follow. We have shared them below.

  • Do not start any Ed treatment without consulting with a doctor first.
  • Erectile Dysfunction has mental effects, causing depression and anxiety. So, get therapy if necessary.
  • Share your sexual problem with your partner to build understanding and ease the treatment.
  • Stay away from the Worst Foods for ED, including alcohol and grape juice.
  • ED medication can cause visual blindness, so avoid driving after taking any ED medicine.
  • Buy your medications from a trusted store like Go ED Medicine only.
  • Stay in contact with your doctor while Treating Erectile Dysfunction with pills or other ways.

Bottom Line

It is not a rule that every man has to follow the same old treatment for their sexual disorder. With advancements in medical science, new treatments are discovered and can be trusted. So, if you want to give advanced cures and therapies a chance for Treating Erectile Dysfunction, do it confidently.

Nevertheless, as always, we highly recommend that you consult your doctor about the treatments. Also, if you want to Buy ED Pills Online, Go ED is the best option. With professional help from a doctor and high-quality medicines from Go ED, you will improve your sexual performance soon.


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