Erectile Dysfunction

What Are the Most Common Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction?

What Are the Most Common Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

What Are the Most Common Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction:- Sexual dysfunction is one of the inevitable conditions that happens to every man after a certain age span. Most commonly, after 40, men develop different sexual problems, and the top of the list is Erectile Dysfunction. We must be aware of Common Symptoms of ED so we can diagnose it on time.

Erectile Dysfunction is not an untreatable condition. We can take medications and other treatments to cure this disorder and regain our sexual strength, irrespective of age. But for that, we should diagnose this condition on time, and for that, knowing the symptoms of ED is important.

We have compelled this article specifically to discuss the symptoms of ED. By reading till the end, you will know all the apparent signs of this condition and start your treatment quickly.

About Erectile Dysfunction

If you haven’t heard about Erectile Dysfunction even after crossing your 30s, you are a very lucky man. But the danger is not gone at all. There is a 40% chance for a man to get ED after he turns over 40. 

ED is a condition in which the person becomes unable to hold his Erection for a desired time duration. This has a very adverse effect on the sexual life of the man and his partner.

Untreated ED can result in many other sexual, mental, and physical disorders as well. ED medications, which are mostly Sildenafil Citrate Tablets, are widely popular due to the high rate of this disorder in men.

Types of Erectile Dysfunction

We will share a piece of interesting information about Erectile Dysfunction that you might know before. There are four different types of ED a man might have. These types are mostly based on the causes that lead to this condition. 

If you identify the right type, the treatment becomes more easy and fast. We have discussed these four types below.


The most common type of ED is vascular. It is caused due to problems in the blood veins of the body. The blood circulation is affected, and enough blood doesn’t get to the penis to maintain the Erection for a longer time. One of the Common Symptoms of ED vascular is difficulty in holding the Erection. 


Neurogenic ED is a more serious condition usually caused by nervous system disorders like trauma, stroke, multiple sclerosis, etc. The communication of the penis muscles and brain gets weak, and ultimately, erection problems start to occur.


The main male hormone in the body is testosterones. These control all the men’s characteristics, which also include getting an erection. A lower number of testosterones results in Erectile Dysfunction, and this will be a hormonal ED. 


Sexual activity is a combination of body and mind teamwork. If mental health isn’t stable, the Erection will be affected. This will be a psychogenic ED. Stress, anxiety, and depression will be the causing factors of ED in this type. Among the Common Symptoms of ED psychogenic is sexual insecurity.

Common Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Common Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

The Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction are very apparent and easy to identify. A man with ED is the first person who will diagnose this condition. A proper medical diagnosis is not required. We have shared some of these symptoms below.

It is better to know the symptoms of every condition, including ED, so you can identify it soon to start the treatment. If you also have any of the following signs in your sexual activity, you most probably have ED and need medical help.

Occasional Erection

This is a sign of just the starting of Erectile Dysfunction. The patient will face some difficulty in getting an Erection occasionally. He will be able to get an Erection and maintain it for some time, and sometimes, he will not get an Erection at all.

Difficulty in holding Erection

Once the ED gets severe, his erection timing will start to get lower and lower. A low erection time will make the sex unsatisfactory for both partners. The patient might get the reaction every time, but it will be for a very short time of maybe 2 to 5 minutes. This is one of the Most Common Symptoms of ED.

No Erection at All

When the ED gets to the worst stage, the man will not have any erection at all. Usually, when the ED gets to this stage where the person isn’t getting any erection, the treatment becomes very difficult. ED Medications like Cenforce 100 Pills might not work, and the patient will need surgery.

Sexual Insecurity

If the cause of ED is psychological factors like stress, the patient will start to have sexual insecurity. It is also one of the very Common Symptoms of ED. The patient will face insecurity due to his low erection timing, which will make his sexual activity very unsatisfying.

Ejaculation Problems

The patient with ED starts to get ejaculation problems during the sex. This can be premature ejaculation and delay in the ejaculation. This symptom is a straight sign of penis weakness and Erectile Dysfunction. This is also a sign that ED has started to get worse.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Once we have become familiar with the Common Symptoms of ED, we should look into the factors that cause this condition in men. One uncontrolled cause is aging, but some addiction lifestyle factors affect our sexual health. We have listed the common causes of ED below.

  • Obesity
  • Alcohol and Smoking
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Very little Physical activity
  • Low Testosterone
  • Penial Injury
  • Medications Side Effect

What is the Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction?

Every patient needs to get treatment for his Erectile Dysfunction as soon as possible. This condition can get much worse and develop into permanent sexual and physical disorders if treatment is delayed.

Luckily, there are many treatment options that men can use to treat this condition; the medicine use is the most common one. There are thousands of medications that men can take before sex to improve their sexual performance. Some commonly used medicines are listed below.

Other than medication, we can improve our sexual performance and treat Erectile Dysfunction by making some positive changes in our lifestyle. We should eat healthy and increase physical activity. These are very effective in treating the ED.

Best Store to Get ED Medicines

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Bottom Line

A man must focus on his sexual health along with physical and mental. If you want to perform well in bed even after 40, you must keep the Common Symptoms of ED we have shared in this article. Remember them so you can diagnose ED as soon as it starts to develop in your body.

Also, the medications we have shared are all very effective and popular. But you must consult with your doctor before taking any pill. Only take the medication and dose that your doctor prescribes you, then buy the prescription pills from Go ED Medicine. 


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