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How long does it take for Fildena CT 100 mg to take effect?

How long does it take for Fildena CT 100 mg to take effect

As diseases and disorders were introduced to humans, treatments also came by. Now, whether it is a physical, mental or sexual disorder, there are cures for all of them. Some of these medicines take longer, like 30 minutes to 1 hours for Fildena CT 100 mg to Take Effect, and some medicines might take longer.

However, it is also inevitable that the effecting time of a drug does not depend on it entirely. The patient’s health, metabolism and many other factors play an essential role in increasing the efficiency of a medicine.

This article will discuss the time effect of one of the most popular Erectile Dysfunction Medicines, Fildena. Furthermore, we will also share some healthy tips for increasing this adequate time as well as the lasting time of the drug.

About Fildena CT

Fildena is a medication used to increase the overall sexual performance in men, especially the erection timing. The primary active ingredient of Fildena is sildenafil citrate, and like other Sildenafil Citrate Tablets, Fildena also belongs to the PDE5 inhibitor drug class.

This medicine immediately affects the blood circulation and muscle relaxation of the body. As the blood flow gets better, the erection timing increases as well. 0And blockage of muscle relaxer, make sure the erection is longer.

Another great property of Fildena CT 50 that makes it better than other ED pills is that it is available in a chewable form. They are sold in gummy forms, which are easy for everyone to consume.

How Long Does It Take for Fildena CT 100 mg to Take Effect?

How Long Does It Take for Fildena CT 100 mg to Take Effect

Fildena is one of the ED medicines which has a swift onset time on the body compared to other ED pills. Even though the medicine might work differently on every person, Fildena’s effects will be shown within 30 to 60 minutes on average.

A critical factor in affecting the medicine is its dose. The lower the dose, the longer it might take to show its effects. Higher doses usually have an instant effect on the body. However, we must only take the medicine dose the doctor recommends to us.

Lasting Time of Fildena CT

Just like the time of effect, the lasting time of Fildena also depends on the dose we are taking. Lower doses have shorter lasting time, while higher doses last longer as they stay in the body longer.

Studies suggest that, on average, Fildena CT lasts 4 to 6 hours. This means we can have 4 to 6 hours of constant sexual improvement after taking Fildena. The medicine remains in our body for about 16 hours, and after that time, we can retake the pill.

How to Increase the Effective Time of Fildena?

On average, Fildena CT 100 mg to take effect in only 30 to 60 minutes, which is much lower compared to many other pills. But to some people, even this time is a lot. So, we will discuss some healthy tips that can increase the drug’s effective time efficiency. Follow the tips below to get more benefits from Fildena.

No Heavy Meal

Experts suggest that having a heavy meal right before taking Fildena or other ED pill lower its effectiveness and lasting time. An empty stomach tends to dissolve the drug faster and starts its effect sooner. So, to make Fildena work faster, take it on an empty stomach.

No Alcohol

Alcohol has a high concentration of ethanol in it, which relaxes the body and lowers the blood circulation. All these resist in the adequate time of Fildena xxx 100mg. To increase the efficiency of Fildena and make sure it works fast, avoid drinking alcohol. Also, avoid grape juice.

30 Minutes before the Intercourse

The time we take the medicine also affects its lasting time and time of effect. Experts suggest that we should take Fildena about 30 minutes before the Intercourse to ensure it is completely dissolved in our body by the time of sex. This way, the medicine will work better and work to its full potential.


Another major part of sexual Intercourse is stamina. Fildena does offer a bit of energy to carry on with the sex, but it is not enough. To make this drug work even better, we should exercise daily to increase our natural stamina. This way, Fildena CT 100 mg to take effect will take less than 30 minutes.

Right Dose

The dose of the medicine is very important. If we take the lower dose, the medicine will not work as it should. This will also result in the late effect of the medicine. Hence, to ensure Fildena is working right and is not taking too long to effect, only take the dose the doctor prescribed.

Healthy Diet

There are food items that have natural Viagra and PDE5 inhibitor in them. They help with the sexual performance in men as well. Fruits like kiwis, berries and pineapple can increase the effect of Fildena. So eat healthy while taking your ED pills for better effect.

Best Store to Purchase Fildena Tablet

A very critical part of erectile dysfunction and all other sexual disorder treatments is the quality of the medicine. High-quality drugs have a better impact on the body and can treat the condition better. We should use trusted stores like Go ED Medicine to get these high-quality medicines.

All of the best ED Pills for males are available in this store and are of the highest quality, including all these doses of Fildena. If you are prescribed any ED drug, make sure to buy it from Go ED. the delivery service is available worldwide, including America, Australia, Canada, Germany, etc.

Bottom Line

Fildena Tablet is one of the most influential and trusted erectile dysfunction treatment pills. It is like a complete package that not only increases the erection timing but also improves overall sexual performance. The best feature of this drug is that Fildena CT 100 mg to Take Effect only takes 30 minutes, which is super-fast.

To avoid any possibility of side effects, we also highly suggest to consult with a doctor before taking Fildena or any other sexual medicine. He can prescribe you the best pill and dose according to your requirements.


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